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Emergency Response Plan Development


Aircraft Accident Emergency Response Plan Manual


· Who should be in charge of your Airline Emergency Response Plan Development?

· Is there somebody within your company available, trained and experienced in Airline Emergency Response Planning?

· What alternative do you have to guarantee all standards are met in your Airline Emergency Response Manual Development?

 AARM - Aircraft Accident Response Manual

ASC International Inc. will work with you in the development of your new airline emergency response manual to ensure the efficiency of the airline emergency response organisation and the provision of all necessary airline emergency team members' checklists.

If your company should have an aircraft accident, it will encounter a disruption of its business plan, an overwhelming start-up of outside influences and the obligation to comply with its responsibilities to passengers and their families, employees, company shareholders,  insurance underwriters and accident investigation authorities.

Past experience shows, airlines with an efficient and well introduced emergency response manual survived better in the event of an aircraft accident. This was reflected in their support to passengers, families and company employees, their compliance with regulations, preservation of company image, cost control and resulted in company survival.

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