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Airline Emergency Response Exercise

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Aircraft Accident Emergency Response Practice


Have you tested your Emergency Response Plan? How can you find out if your Emergency Response Plan will work in the event of an Aircraft Accident?

Are your Team Members familiar with the use of their Emergency Checklists? Have they had the opportunity to practice their Response to an Aircraft Accident?

Has your company organised Emergency Response Plan Exercises? How frequently does your company run Emergency Response Plan Exercises?

ASC International Inc. will assist you with the introduction of an emergency response plan exercise, its preparation and its practice. At the conclusion of the exercise the participants will have obtained :

Familiarity with the company emergency response plan and procedures.

Familiarity with the role of the emergency team members.

Familiarity with the use of their emergency response checklists.

Knowledge of the required up-keep of the emergency response plan.

Know how to prepare for an actual alarm call.

ASC International Inc. will develop and prepare customized emergency response plan exercises, lead the exercise sessions in support to the emergency director, act as an evaluator and conduct a debriefing session.

Again your company can profit from ASC International Inc.'s expertise and quality of service. Without exposing your employees to an emergency response plan exercise you cannot be sure they will actually perform according to Plan.

Do not wait, please..............

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